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It's been a long time.
I feel as if I should update this, but at the moment i'm not making much if any art, and the art i'm making is a pain in the arse to post here.

I'd feel like i'm letting somebody other than myself down, but frankly nobody I follow, and nobody who follows me is much better.

In a week I begin Year 12, and I will be making work for school. This means that i'll have stuff to post, but i'll probably end up taking photos of it all and posting them all at once at the end of 2012. Then again, it'll be leavers then so i'll be partying.

I'm not sure.

Anyway, too much thinking out loud going on.

See you in the future, at some stage,
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Hi. I've been away a while, but still been doing stuff. can't really be bothered posting it all here, so just have a look at coppermine on my website, here:

  • Listening to: braintax, dubbledge, virus syndicate
  • Reading: hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy
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